An appreciation for MOOCs.

First of all I would like to express my appreciation for universities who open their courses or modules for the rest of the world and offer them in form of MOOCs. I know that there are a lot of controversial opinions about MOOCs. They may have their challenges from a didactical point of view. E.g.


On my Way to e-learning for Africa

@Johannesburg, O.R. Tambo Airport, Mug&Beans

On my Way to e-learning for Africa

Sitting at Johannesburg Airport at Mug & Bean (next to a serious(!) cappuccino) - going to Namibia - Windhoek - for the big eLearning Africa conference! Yeah!


If something is not graded, then it is not learned?

In education science there is a famous citing about the importance of assessment: "If something is not assessed in higher education, then it is not learned" (Reeves 2006, p. 299).   From a teachers perspective, I must say, that this is completely right.  If learning is not assessed, at least we as teachers cannot be sure, what we actually might have achieved.

Video-Lecture Public Service Delivery, Ethics and Change Management

This semester, we have started delivering video-lectures at the Ethiopian Civil Service University. During the process of modularising the master programmes of the ECSU we have identified two common modules.

Our third Face-To-Face Training brought us to Asosa, a small town with approximatly 35.000 Inhabitants. Asosa is the capital of the and the capital of the Benishangul-Gumuz Region and a UGDP Partner City. The town is found in West Ethiopia not far from the sudanese border.


The Road to Nekemte

A dusty road trip ;-)

The road from Debre Markos to Nekemte was again one big experience. We are taking about a ten hour trip on a gravel road ;-). After the trip, we were thoroughly shaken.